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Why you need a startup wellness program

Is your startup killing you? Simple steps to implement your startup wellness program. An honest discussion regarding the health of startup founders, and why your company needs a startup wellness program.   “ People look for retreats for themselves, in the...

5 Tools To Drive your Start Up Wellness Program

STARTUPS & EMPLOYERS 5 Tools To Drive Your Startup Wellness Program How to grow a successful startup wellness program in your bootstrapped, I’m already wearing every hat possible, now I need to be an HR Rep, startup 😃 Growing a startup is hard. Recruiting and...


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A lesson from professional sports for personal trainers

STUDIOS & TRAINERS A Lesson From Professional Sports for Personal Trainers. How the management of world class athletes can apply to the everyday fitness client. A personal trainer must read! Sounders Sports Science = Legit In our most recent post, I mentioned the...

Fitness Professional or Preventative Health Coach?

STUDIOS & TRAINERS Fitness Proffesional or Preventative Health Coach? A story on the state of health care from a doctor in the trenches and how fitness professionals can change the world. Let me ask you a question:If I were to give a quality fitness professional...

LEON is a corporate wellness platform that focuses on creating a world where one’s workplace empowers them to lead a healthier life.

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