Designed to support HR teams and employee health

Save time, energy, and effort with a wellness engagement tool that shows you where your biggest team wellness opportunities lie.

Wellness recommendations which include today’s top live and on demand wellness brands

An end-to-end platform to simplify your wellness benefit.

From enrollment and administration to reporting and analytics, the LEON platform makes the day-to-day easier so you can keep costs down and focus on the big picture.

The platform that helps employees become healthier and more fit.

Our digital platform is easy, intuitive and always on for a more transparent, personalized and empowering experience. Members actively and confidently engage with their wellness benefits anywhere, anytime.


73% of LEON users have signed up for a wellness service.

Supporting members throughout their journey for positive wellness outcomes.

Comprehensive wellness integrations developed with industry leaders to promote and reward positive behavioral change.

  • LEON Engagement 70% 70%
  • Industry Average 22% 22%

70% of members engage with LEON every month.

Driving higher enrollment levels and lower admin time.

Our digital enrollment is quick, easy and painless for employees—with all their options clearly laid out and simple, step-by-step guidance.


10-15% wellness spend savings vs plan cost trend.

Improving HR productivity and benefits workflow.

We cut your day-to-day admin time significantly by handling enrollment, plan education and giving employees self-serve options for enrollment and onboarding activities.

  • LEON Engagement 90% 90%

Up to 90% improvement in enrollment and onboarding effort.

We think about employee wellness more than anyone else.


Dedicated wellness expertise each step of the way

Our group of wellness experts work with you and are on call for any and all wellness questions – from education and morale to squats and push ups. We’ve seen it all.