Employee wellness made easy

Allow your team to book and purchase what they want, when they want. Health as you see fit.

You want great employee wellness faster. ☝️

And you want to give your team a fastlane to health. But the problem is that you don’t have time to create relationships and negotiate discounts for their behalf. What if you could gain access to every fitness and wellness activity and brand in your city, without the noise, and without work?

Now you can. With LEON Access, wellness managers are able to seamlessly subsidize wellness spend for their employees and team members can instantly book and purchase gym memberships, studio classes, wellness events or bike shares in their city.  Start engaging with your team faster with LEON Access.

“The summer associate program we ran with LEON was an amazing success. Engagement rates were above 80%.”

Timothy Levin, Philadelphia Office Managing Partner

Here’s how LEON Access works.

Todays top wellness brands

Vetted brands booked directly through Access.

With LEON Access, you can offer the best wellness providers in your city, with concierge level access, and let your team purchase instantly right from the LEON App.

real time bookings

Automated booking and analytics.

Through direct integrations, your team members can instantly book in real time, but more importantly you can monitor spend and deeply understand wellness ROI .

from startups to enterprise

Wellness that scales – no management necessary.

Not everyone has the time to grow a wellness program. With LEON Access, your wellness program scales as you do – always on and always growing.

All in one employee wellness at a price you decide 🙌

✓ Free to join  ✓ Easy set up  ✓ Cancel any time

LEON is a corporate wellness platform that focuses on creating a world where one's workplace empowers them to lead a healthier life.

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