Employee wellness resources during the Covid-19 pandemic

A collection of our top resources for HR leaders, employees and our partners.

LEON created resources

We’re here to help with resouces, tools and support

Best practices

Take a compassionate and science backed approach to supporting your team through the stress and anxiety of COVID-19.

Employer resources and tools

Remind your team why stress management, wellness, and self-care are important during challenging times. Prevenative health is key.

Resources within the LEON Platform

New features and technology builds to help your team stay healthy during the Covid-19 outbreak.

On-Demand wellness

From on-demand classes to one on one fitness sessions, we have you covered. →

Mental health services

Support your team members through their mental health jouney. →

Sponsered wellness events

Book a private on-demand wellness event for your team or give one to a client. →

Have questions on how LEON help can support your team?

Our remote group of wellness experts and clinicians are here to help – day or night. Schedule a call and see how to make wellness part of your mission.

External resources 


World Health Organization

Get the latest COVID-19 information and guidance from WHO.

Cleveland Clinic

See how the Cleveland Clinic team is managing COVID-19.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Find out how CDC is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Johns Hopkins CSSE

Use John Hopkins interactive tool to track COVID-19 in real time.