Behind the Playbooks: How to 10x your employee’s health and happiness.

Harnessing the power of machine learning in order to drive employee performance and health may seem like a significant undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.

Look, we understand that adopting a new technology and adapting to a new way of improving the health of your team can be challenging. And scary.

There’s always that lingering fear that comes with learning a new tool or process, and getting things up and running for the first time…

Will this actually work? Will I be able to figure it out?

So when it comes to running an employee performance program, and using things such surveys and data to make your performance program more efficient, we understand the hesitation.

Coming up with all the different questions and answers, configuring the recommendations— it all sounds a bit tedious. It’s like you have this giant mess of LEGO bricks at your disposal, but no instructions on how to put them together.

And that’s why we built Playbooks by LEON.

Instead of giving you the LEGO pieces, we’re giving you pre-packaged programs, which are designed specifically for your company and your people team .

All you have to do is choose the Playbook you want to run (or even better, let us automate it) — just like you’re picking a LEGO kit off the shelf.

Right now, we have three main categories of Playbooks you can choose from:

  • Boost Team Performance
  • Improve Health and Happiness
  • Drive Team Morale and Culture

Within each category, there are targeted Playbooks designed to help you hit specific goals — like driving positive mental health, or improving team relationships, or even optimizing your team for high performance.

And because Playbooks are ready to go right out of the box (so to speak), you don’t have to waste time creating relationships with vendors or compiling content designed to drive change and improve outcomes. All of those steps are already baked in.

Want to take a deeper dive into how Playbooks work? Keep reading for the full breakdown.

Boost Team Performance

These playbooks are designed to help you improve resiliency and high performance in your team. Here’s a breakdown of how exactly a performance Playbook works:

1) Access: A marketplace designed for performance

Improved performance lives inside and outside your organization. For your employees to be their best selves, they must optimize their health.

The LEON marketplace provides your team access to anything they may want to boost performance.

From Soulcycle class bookings, adventure races, to the New York City Marathon, your team has full optionality on how and where they stay fit.

With the Access feature in Playbook, you can even provide a wellness benefit to help support your team in high performance - complete with set budgets and dollar for dollar matching.

2) Events: Curated events built to optimize your people

Don’t just let your team members do this alone — engage them with bespoke events designed specifically for high performance.

Events allow your employees to leverage the entire LEON platform to plug into free, performance based events hosted by either LEON or our partnership network.

3) Content: Curated content designed for your company and your goal

Whether you’re an early stage startup or a high growth tech company, we know that each company has its own needs, Playbook allows you to curate content specifically for your company size (ARR) and goal.

From Olympic Gold winning Athletes to founders of some of today's most exciting tech companies - we created a multi-media marketplace designed for you and your employees.

Improve Health and Happiness

These Playbooks are designed to improve the physical and mental health of your employees. Here is an overview of how they work:

1) Access: Everything you need to improve well-being

This Playbook was built based on the idea that wellness is subjective and personal. Where one person desires a hot yoga class, the other wants to ride a bike.

Playbooks give your team options to engage in wellness in any way they choose. In one click of a button, your team can book a class, join a gym or get a local bike share, in any city, region or state they like.

Plus, you can set up benefit “power ups” to add fully subsidized benefits - such as a bike share program - at any point in time. 

2) Events - From virtual to live events, all is possible

With access to some of today's top brands, LEON is able to leverage our entire partner network to provide on-demand wellness events such as; meditation, team bootcamps to group runs in Central Park at no additional cost. And we are always adding more and more events everyday.

3) Content: Curated content designed for your company and your goal

The world of wellness content is a crazy place, that’s why LEON has curated educational content from some of today's best mental health coaches, personal trainers and even NFL and NBA athletes to provide wellness education that is researched based and accessible for any type of employee.

Drive team morale and culture

Hey, we get it: Despite the company's happy hours and funny hat days on Zoom, company culture can be a hard nut to crack. That’s why we built Team Morale and Culture Playbooks. Check them out here:

1) Access - We made it easy for employees to engage in health together

Now here is where it gets fun: We built a Slack Integration! Imagine booking your favorite class directly through Slack, and a notification popping up to your best work buddy, asking if you would like to join in on the fun.

Super simple, but super powerful. Plus any service you can access on the LEON app, you can purchase on Slack.

2) Events: Private events for your team

Events are a great way to build camaraderie, and improve relationships in the workplace, but can be a pain to set up.

LEON streamlined the entire process of event booking for you. In a few clicks, you can have private yoga in the office tomorrow, or a custom Soulcycle class just for your team this weekend.

Note: Private events are an additional cost obviously, but it’s so simple, why wouldn’t you. ;)

3) Content: Content for building better teams

Working within a team is a learned process, and something that can be improved. With this Playbook, we take a bottoms up approach and educate your team on how they can be better employees and better leaders.

Wellness Intelligence Drives Super-Powers

I’ve been saving the best one for last: This is how LEON automates your entire performance program, and gives you and your team, exactly what you need and when you need it.

With our Wellness Intelligence Framework, you level up and gain a new super-power: The ability to use pulse surveys to unlock the data needed to drive Performance Playbooks.

At onboarding and before each Playbook is started, your team members are asked a series of quick and scientifically validated survey questions. This data helps us both understand which Playbook is needed at the time, and the best way to improve your team today. 

And even better….we use this data to benchmark your company against your industry! Imagine that with LEON, you can become that diamond in the rough. The oasis in the desert the best talent wants to hang out in. Everyone’s dream company. 

Not a bad designation to say you are “the healthiest company in tech” aye?

Final Thought

With Playbooks, we’re trying to get all of the tedious work done for you so you can focus on creating the best company possible - for your investors and your employees.

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