How We Got 3,000 Waitlist Subscribers in 1 Week With No Marketing Budget

Surely, you’ve read a hundred blogs telling you how to get X of X in a span of X days/ months. 

This is going to be one of those, so kudos to you for reading 101 blogs. I will, however, try to do something a little different. 

What’s that? Actually explain how we did it. 

It’s hard to launch a product and get traction. I’m sure you’ve tried. Some launches are a success and some a failure.

Experience teaches us that you need to meet certain requirements before you can launch a successful campaign with the potential of going viral. 

These requirements include:

1. A kickass website/ landing page

- We knew ours was the moment someone told us it was SEXY. See below:

2. Messaging that is confident and bold

- We definitely hit the spot here. It made heads turn, and caused a lot of commotion within the marketing community. Remember; confidence stands out.

3. Easy onboarding

4. Make sure it’s not overly long, and easy to follow. 

5. Call to action that shocks

- See ours below

6. Make sure your product is solving an issue that needs solving

7. A massive reason why products don’t succeed is because of market saturation, and the market not having a need for it. Make sure you do the necessary research before launching your product. 

- TLDR; this won’t work if you have a shitty product. 

If you need to delay your launch in order to have these done, do it. You can only launch once, so you better do it right. This definitely won’t work if you’re not willing to put in the work.


I’m your woman on the inside. I’ve been to the dark side. I’ve seen things. I survived and thrived.  And now I’m here to help you do the same. 

So let’s skip the introductions. Just call me your master.


Most companies launch their product with a marketing budget. However, we didn’t have that luxury. 

We had a good product, but once Mr. Covid-19 striked, we became irrelevant and extinct. 

We realized that we had to rethink our product, and that involved building a whole new one. A great one. The first-ever AI-powered employee performance platform - a product needed by so many companies.

So while most businesses have been kicking and screaming due to COVID-19, we turned what was initially a nightmare for us into something fantastic. 

It was a nightmare. We had layoffs, and pay cuts. We even got rid of our office and moved to a remote setting, which actually has been great. 

So, after spending what felt like forever in product development, we finally announced that our waitlist was available on July 13th, 2020.

We managed to get nearly 3,000 people to join our waitlist. 

3,000 people ready to improve their employees mental health, performance and happiness.

With no mailing list, no marketing budget, and a brand no one knew about. 

My goal was to get as many impressions as possible. 

I joined what felt like a trillion Facebook groups, Slack groups, Linkedin groups, and distribution websites. 

I pretended to be a part of the gang. I dived in head first, and got to know the ins and outs of these communities.

Let your curiosity run free. Lurk around, and check out the members. See how they interact with one another, and see if they fit your audience. Are they within your ICP or are they mere cats?

You’ll immediately notice that that self-promotion isn’t allowed. It’s forbidden, and if group admins could throw you in jail for it - they definitely would. It’s a big no no. 

You need to to indirectly promote yourself. Let’s dissect how I did that: 

I’m innocently asking groups for feedback. In order for them to share feedback, they must click the link and they must consume what I’m selling.

Once you dive into these groups, you’ll notice a few people will be doing what I have done. 

However, what drove my posts to have success was the “Fair warning, our tone is a little aggressive”. That caught people's curiosity. 

Bullseye. 🎯

I must add. The feedback we got was insane. There was a massive amount of haters, and a massive amount of lovers. Take a look:

We didn’t let these negative comments crush our spirits. All press is good press, right?

What’s next?

Who would we be if we didn’t launch on Product Hunt

So yes, we launched on Product Hunt.

It drove a generous number of sessions to the website, and a jolly amount of waitlist subscribers. 

By begging all of our friends to upvote the product, and leveraging Product Hunt Facebook groups, we were able to see some success there.

Ok what now? 

I submitted daily blasts on the following channels:

Here’s something else we did. While it didn’t have much success, it was a stellar idea. 

Everytime someone joined the waitlist, we told them that they would get priority access if they shared LEON on Twitter. The tweet was prewritten and we used Click to Tweet to set it up. See below: 

We made friends

I told you nobody knew our brand. 

So we made sure to make friends. I used Sales Navigator and Amplemarket to reach out to companies with a similar ICP, and asked them if they’d be interested in doing some co-marketing. It’s a you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-your-back partnership. 

We leveraged our partners client and MQL lists to promote our prelaunch.

We had them feature us on their website, social media, and newsletter. We even have some podcasts in the pipeline. 

A massive bonus is that our partners were intrigued enough to join our waitlist. At the end of the day, they were a part of our target audience too. 

Interested in co-marketing with us? Just shoot me an email; 


A fellow marketer shared this graph. It’s what inspired me to dive into a number of distribution channels. 

Each one of these have so many members, and drive so many impressions. And, when I saw these, I thought there must be many many more. And there was.

SO! Join the damn waitlist. Either because you want the product, or because you want to spy on our progress. 


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