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Benefit Playbooks

From a monthly grant to dollar for dollar match, allow your employees to decide how, when and where they engage in employee wellness.

Lifestyle Playbooks

From local bike and scooter Shares, golf lessons to in home food delivery, these playbooks fit into any lifestyle.

LEON Playbooks

From de-stress, startup or enterprise specific, to goal driven playbooks, these curated offerings were built for you and your team.

Event Playbooks

Book and invite your team to a private wellness event with top brands such as Soulcycle, Y7, and Equinox.

Race Playbooks

Sign the whole team up for a 5k or 10k. Or what about a spartan or Tough Mudder? This playbook was made for teams.

Benefit playbooks

Provide a wellness benefit without any of the risk and all the reward.

Monthly Grant Playbook

Start a monthly wellness benefit and let your team choose how they engage in employee wellness.

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Dollar Match Playbook

Reward your team members for working out. With this playbook you simply match any wellness spend by your employer.

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LEON playbooks

Curated wellness playbooks designed by our team.

Lose Weight Playbook

Use these playbooks to curate offerings and content to drive your wellness mission.

De-Stress Playbook

A yoga and meditation specific playbook designed for those stressful times of the year.

New Year Playbook

Start the year off with this new year new you specific playbook designed to engage your team.

Startup Playbook

Startups have specific demands and stressors. Use this playbook to start your company off right.

Team 5K Playbook

Train for an event. Focus your team. Mission driven playbooks help to align your organization.

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Event playbooks

Book and invite your team to private wellness events at todays top brands.


Nationwide access and private team building events makes employee wellness easy.



Experience the leader of group fitness in this exclusive private event that is sure to invigortae.

F45 Fitness

Connect your team members to F45 and watch them fall in love with this Aussie import.


A class for everyone, employees love the bespoke wellness events and fun atmosphere.

Don’t see the event location you’re looking for? We have thousands!

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Lifestyle playbooks

Partially or fully subisdize a bike share for your team.


Citi Bike 

Give the perk of over 6000 bikes in New York City to your team members.

Indego Bike 

Allow your team members to explore the City of Brotherly love.

Blue Bike 

Grab a bike on your way to work, or explore Boston while improving your health.

Capital Bike 

LEON + Capital Bikes makes it easy to increase the health of your company.

Don’t see the playbook you’re looking for? We have thousands!

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Race playbooks

Start a race team or join as individuals, a race playbook is the perfect way to drive engagement

Spartan Race

Subsidizing company events and races has never been easier, or this muddy.

NYRR Events

No more reimbursement requests or pre buying race bibs.


Private leadership challenges help grow in any organization.

More events are onboarding everyday!

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