Here’s how LEON is redefining employee wellness.

Written by Bryan Smith

January 8, 2020



You may find yourself asking, “Who is this LEON person I keep hearing about?” Allow us to introduce ourselves. Hi, we’re LEON. We’re not actually a person; we’re an employee wellness company. But we’re made up of lots of people — engineers, fitness professionals, medical doctors, product designers — and we’re all working to create a better employee wellness experience for our members.

Upon reading the term “employee wellness”, you may very well have had rolled your eyes a bit. We understand — employee wellness is notoriously difficult to navigate and worst of all, not very fun. That’s why our core mission is to make an employee wellness platform, that was built for you — the employee. We’re obsessed with making the employee the decision maker on how they engage in wellness. We do this by giving you freedom of choice, saving you money, and removing the hassles that make employee wellness so complicated.

Ultimate freedom

Nobody wants to be told by their employer how and where they can engage in employee wellness. Ultimately, you should own that decision. No more should you be forced into that walking group during lunch. That yearly biggest loser competition. Or that non mandatory, but mandatory company 5k. That’s why every single LEON plan gives you the ability to spend your company sponsored wellness benefit as you see fit. From no contract gym memberships, exclusive access to today’s top fitness studios all the way to bike shares, races and events, anything is possible.

Here’s the other thing about LEON — if you ever decide to leave your company, LEON goes with you. So you can enjoy all the perks of an employee wellness program, without actually being an employee!

Saving you money

This one’s a no brainer — everybody wants to save money. Luckily, LEON works with your company to manage and distribute a wellness benefit on your behalf! In one simple and easy to use platform, you can spend your company benefit on anything you choose as long as it’s fitness related.

Plus, we made sure to get you the best deals possible and exclusive access at some of the top fitness and wellness brands today.

Goodbye reimbursements

Submitting that monthly fitness reimbursement to HR is a thing of the past. No more tracking check in’s, logging your visits or making sure to hit a yearly requirement of usage. Every month you simply receive your benefit and we handle the rest.

Complete optionality

Join what you want, when you want. You’re no longer limited by the deals your benefits manager went out and negotiated. With LEON we’ve provided you access to almost anything you could want, in one easy to use application.

Rock climb, run a marathon, or take that hard to book Spin class. The choice is yours.

It’s forever yours

Imagine all your favorite wellness activities, all your usage and spend history and all your wellness data in one place, plus you can bring it with you from one company to the next, and be rewarded and educated overtime.

This is what LEON is building: One single wellness platform — for every lifestyle and personality.

Want to learn about LEON’s benefit plans?

You can sign up online in minutes, or you can chat with one of our enrollment team members.


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