Your first week using LEON

Written by Bryan Smith

December 30, 2019


One of the common questions we get from prospective LEON users is how to get their company to use it. They know a lot of organizations have adopted LEON, and they’ve heard it adds transparency, simplicity, and the ability to drive employee wellness all in one place. But they aren’t sure where to start, since it’s a new platform and a new way of employee wellness for a team. So what are some simple, quick ways to get started, gradually incorporate it into existing processes, and expand it throughout your entire organization?

Getting on board

Introducing LEON begins with first principles: Someone at your company signs up for LEON, picks a benefit plan, and allows anyone with a company domain email address to join. It’s OK to start with the free version of LEON, as your team can take advantage of everything that LEON offers using their own money. If LEON is indeed a hit at your company, you can always upgrade to paid wellness benefit later.

Start small

Most successful rollouts of LEON start small, and that’s quite all right. Begin with a handful of people who regularly work together, from a small team up to as many as a few dozen people. Get everyone to download the app to their phones and set them up.

With your launch team in place, pick a class or an event you will all enjoy commit to booking it in either the phone App or the Slack channel. Keep the class or event simple, but make sure you all go, and discuss your experience afterwards.

If you use Slack, it’s imperative to communicate in the #fitness channel discuss how simple and easy LEON really is. Maybe upload relevant photos of that post class “glow” and show everyone the fun of engaging within LEON.

Take notes, grow from there

With your first team class or event completed, take a moment to assess how LEON played into the process. Did LEON enhance your team’s engagement? Could everyone stay in the loop? Were YOU able to work out more knowing that you had one platform for anything wellness related?? Was it a relief to simply book any class or join a gym right from your phone?

If the response to LEON was positive, the next logical step is to launch LEON more broadly. And you’ll likely want to expand from your small team to bring in other departments to share in the fun!

LEON launch day

LEON works best when everyone in a company uses it from top to bottom, but the key to making that happen is publicizing LEON and giving people a chance to use it. A good way to do that is having a “launch day” to help everyone get started on LEON after you’ve convinced your organization to adopt it across the company.

Select a future date as the big day, and make internal announcements to prepare everyone for your company’s new wellness program. We have email templates and support documents for your team members to help you remind everyone of such a momentous event.

The goal for your launch day is training, both in terms of the basics of using LEON as well as setting expectations on how LEON will work inside your company. Share a story about your experience using LEON and how the initial launch team took a class together. Describe how specific wellness activities are all connected to LEON, and show common ways that other employers have used LOEN successfully in their organization. And don’t forget to tell them how LEON goes with them long term. No matter what company or city, LEON was built for them!

Prospering through planning

Transforming how you scale a successful employee wellness program is a project itself. Start small and spread it slowly, track progress and iterate when necessary, and develop strategies based on the team’s experience. Finally, get management buy-in for a company-wide launch, and you’ll be well on your way to successfully moving your company onto LEON.

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